September 18


10 Jewelry Pieces Every Lady Should Own

By Emily Wilke

September 18, 2013

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11 Jewelry Pieces to Own

Ever think to yourself you never have the right piece of jewelry? Well here is a top 10 list to help you out. These are the pieces I think every lady should own to get the most from her wardrobe.

1. Pearl Necklace – A classy pearl necklace is perfect for a little black dress or jeans and a blouse. A must have piece!
2. Diamond Earrings or other Stud Earrings – What woman doesn’t want diamond earrings? However, any studs will do. Studs are great for everyday and when wearing a statement necklace.
3. Statement Necklace – A statement necklace is a big, bold, colorful piece that adds to outfits that need the WOW factor. A statement piece can dress up a work outfit into an evening outfit.
4. Rope or Lariat – This is a long necklace that is great by itself, but even better when layered with a pendant piece or a collar necklace. A great piece that can be colorful or a base metal (silver, gold, copper, gunmetal) for added flexibility.
5. Base Metal Earrings or Hoops – Base metal earrings or hoops are an easy and versatile addition to your jewelry collection. They are great for everyday jeans, a black dress, work attire and when wearing your statement piece.
6. Pendant Piece – A pendant piece is great for buttons up, V necks, even turtlenecks. It lends itself to layering and is great for casual and dressy attire depending on the pendant. Consider rough cut gemstones (its very trendy right now).
7. Bracelet and Earring set – Sometimes a necklace just won’t do. Then it’s time for a fashion bracelet and earrings.
8. Collar Necklace – A collar necklace refers to its length. It sits around 16″, that is right around your collar bone. It can be chunky or dainty, or one of each. A dainty necklace though is great for when your outfit is the star and just needs a little something extra.
9. Large Chunky Chain Necklace – Large chain necklaces are trending for fall 2013. It is another style that will be versatile and adds that something extra to an already colorful outfit.
10. Cocktail Ring – Just that added extra when out sipping on cocktails. It can be a large stone, crystal or glass. It need not be an expensive piece. Just think colorful! Better yet, go with your signature color. You will be more likely to put it on often.

** I have decided to add to this list! So here is your bonus item…

11. A Really Great Watch- In the era of cell phones, watches became a little obsolete. However, they are making a come back! A nice versatile watch will add greatly to your outfit and you won’t have to be tied to your cell just for the time.

I just took my own advice and bought a Fossil watch and I am loving it! It adds to my outfit and is completely functional.

(Original Post Edited on July 8, 2014)

  • This is a great list. I have everything covered! I love jewelry and I’m usually at the point where I need to remove something before going out. Maybe there’s a blog idea in there too — I read once that it makes sense to put all the jewelry on that you want to wear and then remove one thing. A thought for you!
    Thanks for this list,

  • I absolutely love collar necklaces, Emily, they are my favourites! I buy one in every vacation I go, it’s a tradition already 😉 Thanks for sharing these awesome tips.
    I think you can write 10 posts out of this one to describe each piece in greater detail.

  • Very practical list, especially for someone like I who loves to buy accessories, but not wear them 🙂 as much as I should. Thank God for my two daughters who encourage me to do so. I have those in your list, love my pearls and earrings.

  • What a perfect list. I think I have most of them covered. I would like a real pearl necklace, as the one I have is fake but still pretty. I used to wear a lot more jewelry when I was in high school, and I’ve just recently got back into the swing of things.

    • Hi Keri,
      Thanks so much for commenting! I have also been on a jewelry hiatus because I have two children under 3 and they don’t allow me to wear it! If you are ever interested in a custom pearl necklace I would love to help you with that! We can design it from scratch. Thanks for visiting.

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