You may have already seen the new 2016 spring colors by Pantone. They announced that their color palate is a softer and calmer palate than in previous years. Given the way technology has taken over our lives, we are looking for a way to disconnect and unwind from the stress of “being available” all the time.

The lighter shades of Rose Quartz, Peach Echo, Serenity, Limpet Shell, Lilac Gray and Iced Coffee are the calming colors. Of course, they needed to add a few more richer vibrant colors, but even those are not so strong. Snorkel Blue, Fiesta, Buttercup and Green Flash are there to create some interesting color combos!

What color combos are you planing to pair? For me Peach Echo, Limpet Shell and Green Flash are calling me!

I am interested to see how these colors are incorporated into wedding themes. Are you planning a spring or summer wedding and incorporating any of these new colors?

2016 Pantone Spring

During my recent trip to the gem faire, I picked up some beautiful stones that are perfect for these new colors! Check out my next post to find out which ones…

Be sure and leave a comment about your favorite color combos OR your wedding colors! 

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