[Series] Reason #2 to Work with a Jewelry Artist for your Wedding Jewelry


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Hello Bridal Beauty!

In this series I will highlight the many ways custom jewelry can solve your wedding jewelry dilemmas. I create custom handmade jewelry specific to your dress and your style. We can even do it for your bridesmaids, and it makes a lovely bridal party gift.

I find that custom jewelry for your wedding day can be a solution to a variety a problems. As a bride, you may have only one of the common problems, but you could also have a couple.

Reason #1: You can’t find what you are looking for.

Reason #2: Large bridal party.

You have picked all your closest friends and family members to stand up with you to share in your big day. Then you look again and you have 5 or more bridesmaids. Or you are struggling to come up with bridesmaids because your groom said he needed his closest 7 friends. Any of this sound familiar?

A recent bride, Jenn, wanted to give jewelry to her 7 bridesmaids. When she started her search, she had a hard time finding 7 of the same necklace she liked. Then she found that the ones she did like that were available in large quantities were way out of her price range. This is where I came in! I was able to create 7 bridesmaid necklaces for her within her budget.

We can do the same for you! Let me save you time and effort. Schedule your no obligation consultation, and we can design your custom jewelry together.


I would love to hear what your problem is. Please leave me a comment below telling me about your jewelry problem!

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Emily Wilke, Style Avenue Studios

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