[Series] Reason #3 to Work with a Jewelry Artist for your Wedding Jewelry

Custom bridal jewelry

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In this series I will highlight the many ways custom jewelry can solve your wedding jewelry dilemmas. I create custom handmade jewelry specific to your dress and your style. We can even do it for your bridesmaids and it makes a lovely bridal party gift.

I find that custom jewelry for your wedding day can be a solution to a variety a problems. As a bride, you may have only one of the common problems, but you could also have a couple.

Reason #3: Different bridesmaid dress styles.

You could have only 3 bridesmaids or maybe you have 8 of your closest friends and family standing up for you. Either way your vision includes different dress styles or the same dress in different colors.

Sometimes the best thing to do for your girls is to not choose their dress, but instead just pick the color and then let them pick the style of dress to best suit their body. This is one of the nicest thing you can do for a bridesmaid, trust me! Another trend is to put the bridesmaids all in the same dress, but have each one in a different color.

Now that makes it impossible to get them jewelry for their bridal party gift, right? Fear not! This is were I come in. If they have different dress styles, we can create specific jewelry for each dress style with all the same elements (beads, chain, crystals, etc) and make each piece unique. Or if they are just in different color dresses, we can make each a necklace in the same style, but in different colors. Either of these options will give each of them a unique gift but also provide a cohesive look for your bridal party!

For real bride examples see:

Samantha’s Jewelry – different dress styles, same colors

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