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Real Bride Spotlight: Themed Bridal Jewelry

themed bridal jewelry

Once upon a time Katy met a crazy cool guy. They decided to plan a pirate wedding, but not just any pirate wedding. This was to be a true to time period event! One day she took a trip to the mall, stumbled upon a bridal fair and found vendors for almost everything. Everyone was talking of this bride planning an amazing pirate wedding! I knew I could help her achieve her vision.

When we met, she described her pirate wedding theme. Even her dress was being handmade. I knew that we could make something truly unique for her!! She found an antique brooch that she wanted as the centerpiece of her necklace and said, “Make something beautiful!” We discussed her colors and what she wanted for her girls, then gave me creative license for the specific design of each necklace.

Problem: Wanted Victorian styled jewelry for her pirate themed wedding and custom bridal dress. Needed bridal jewelry and bridesmaid jewelry. Her bridesmaids wore different colors, and her daughter has a metal allergy we needed to work around.

Solution: Created a Victorian necklace, earrings and headpiece for the bride. Also created four separate jewelry sets for the bridesmaids.

Bridal Jewelry

vintage statement bridal necklace

Katy found this antique brooch and wanted me to incorporated it into the design. Her only request was to include the blue, amber and purple into the design. This is the design I created, and she was thrilled!

Then about two weeks before the wedding she needed a headpiece so she could attach her veil. It has the same chain and crystals to tie into the feel of her necklace.  I was so glad I could create what she needed to bring her vision to reality.

vintage bridal jewelry Pirate theme bridal jewelry

Victorian Bridesmaid Jewelry 

Katy’s bridesmaid dresses were custom made and each in a different color. Katy wanted them to feel similar, but be unique just like they are. Her daughter has a metal allergy and is a talented artist. She drew me a sketch of what she wanted her necklace to look like. I was able to create it and use mostly leather with a slipknot so that there was no metal touching the back of her neck.

vintage bridesmaids jewelry themed bridesmaid jewelry

For more image of the jewelry pieces, view her jewelry gallery.

Thank you Katy. Thank you for your trust in my creative process. It was an honor helping you bring your amazing vision to reality! I usually tell my brides to wear it again for every anniversary. I would love to hear of how you are incorporating it into your marriage!

Thanks to the amazing Elyse from Elyse Alexandria Photography for providing the stunning images of her day.

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