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Blue Yellow Custom bridesmaid jewelry

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Custom Handmade Bridesmaid Jewelry

Amy was looking for jewelry for her bridesmaids. She was going to be wearing a family pearl necklace for her wedding day, but thought the gift of handmade jewelry would be a perfect option for her bridesmaids. Often times brides don’t know exactly what they want when we meet up, but that is the purpose of the consultation. Together we designed the most beautiful necklace and bracelet for her girls!

Problem: Amy envisioned a blue and yellow themed wedding and wanted to add the finishing touch to her girls’ outfits with custom jewelry. Also her Maid-of-Honor choose a one shoulder dress. She needed to find a way to tie everything together.

Solution: We designed a y-necklace with silver orchids along with sapphire blue and sunny yellow Swarovski crystals for her bridesmaids, and a blue and white bracelet for her MOH.

Custom Bridesmaid Jewelry

The chosen style of the bridesmaid dress (spaghetti strap with with a v-neck) begs for a necklace!  Amy loved a necklace made with the orchid charms, and it was the perfect shape for the dress. Thus began the designing process! Amy wanted a blue and yellow necklace to tie in with their flowers.

Within the chain I added the stunning sapphire blue Swarovski crystal with accents of the bright yellow Swarovski crystals. It makes for a very pleasing and beautiful necklace! Perfect for a cheerful June wedding!

Blue and Yellow Bridesmaid necklace 

Orchid Necklace
Simply You Photography

Amy let her MOH choose a separate style of dress, which is a nice way to highlight her importance. Another great way to highlight the MOH is to make her jewelry a little different. In this case, it was easy to do since her one-shoulder dress didn’t need a necklace. We designed a bracelet including the same blue Swarovski crystals. Instead of using the yellow crystals, we added white ones, bringing her a little closer to the bride.

Blue Bridesmaid Bracelet

Thank you Amy! It was such a pleasure helping you design the perfect bridesmaid jewelry for your wedding day. I hope it was everything you hoped. I would love to hear what you and your bridesmaids thought!

A special thanks to Dianna Sanders from Simply You Photography for allowing me to use images of Amy’s day so you could see how it all turned out!

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