Quarterly Earring Club

Have you ever looked at your earring collection and thought you might have too many?

Me neither!

Truly you can NEVER have too many earrings. They are accents to your favorite outfits. The perfect companions to your work and evening events. They are your go-to jewelry accessory to make you feel beautiful!

If you’re nodding your head, like I know you are, you’re going to SWOON over my Quarterly Earring Club (QEC)!

Love wearing custom jewelry? I’ve got you covered.

The Style Avenue Studios Quarterly Earring Club is a way for you to continuously update your personal jewelry collection. You’ll add new custom designed earrings to your collection based on your personal style preferences.

Eek! It's my favorite time of year! I subscribed to QEC over a year ago and still love it and get so excited for my shipments! It's so nice to be able to complete an outfit with colorful, unique jewelry pieces and I always get compliments. Seriously, it's an awesome investment!

Lauren Urhausen

QEC Member
I was needing to update my jewelry and I saw Emily's jewelry here at Style Avenue Studios. I joined the Quarterly Earring Club and I'm loving it! Every few months I get new earrings sent to me. Before my shipment Emily asked what my style was and what I was wanting. She has gotten it right every shipment!! This month my favorites were my copper earrings. I didn't have any like this in my selection and I wore them the same day I got them! LOVE them!! It's always a fun surprise to see what earrings I get (I have also requested specific earrings that I've seen from Emily's shop as well). The quality is great and the earrings are beautiful!!

Misty Austin

QEC Member
I've been a customer of Emily's since my wedding...I love getting my surprise earrings every quarter as a part of the Quarterly Earring Club. Who wouldn't love jewelry made especially for them?

Autra Oliver

Married 2014 & QEC Member


Members receive 4 shipments a year


Start the year off with a fresh addition to your spring wardrobe.


Just in time for Mother's Day or add to your summertime collection.


Fall time is for pumpkins, sweaters, boots and new jewelry!


Give the gift of earrings to others or save them for yourself!

Membership Levels

Pick the membership level best for you

  • Jade Level

  • $47

  • Don’t like surprises?
    You get to choose your two pairs from 4 featured earrings.
  • This is For Me!
  • Onyx Level

  • $75

  • Best of Both Worlds!
    A custom pair and a VIP Featured choice
  • Yes! Count Me In
  • Ruby Level

  • $97

  • Custom all the way baby!
    Get 2 pairs made from the best quality and made just for you!
  • I LOVE custom!


Ruby Level QEC ladies get two CUSTOM pairs of earrings!

That’s right! You pick the type of earrings you want created with precious metals, blue topaz, rubies, emeralds (precious stones) and more.

You’ll also get yearly bonus prizes to make your anniversary extra special every single year. AND a preferred customer discount of 20% off any additional jewelry purchases and free shipping on our purchases.

We’ll jump on the phone every quarter too to be sure you get the styling guidance you need to really show off those beautiful, custom earrings.

You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Pick the type of TWO CUSTOMIZED earrings you want created with precious metals, blue topaz, rubies, and or emeralds (precious stones).
  • Get yearly bonus prizes to make your anniversary extra special every single year
  • Preferred customer discount of 20% off any additional jewelry purchases
  • Get a styling guidance one-on-one call each quarter to learn more about showing off those beautiful, custom earrings
  • Free shipping on all orders

All this for only $97 a quarter!  (yes that’s less than $33 a month!)


Get the Best of Both Worlds when you grab the Onyx Level QEC package.

Each quarter, I create one beautiful set of custom earrings for you; created with my hand-picked precious metals and real semi-precious stones and pearls.  And you choose your 2nd pair from two VIP featured pairs each quarter.

As an Onyx QEC member, you’ll be given the member privilege of 15% off all jewelry purchases and free shipping for your earrings!

Have you taken a look at our featured earrings and WISH they could be yours?

You’ll receive:

  • One beautiful set of custom earrings for you created with my hand-picked precious metals and real semi-precious stones and pearls
  • Choose one of our 2 VIP featured set of earrings
  • Member privilege of 15% off all jewelry purchases plus free shipping

Be an Onyx Lady for just $75 a quarter!


Don't like surprises? Pick your two pairs with the Jade Level.

You’re going to LOVE the Jade Level QEC package with:

  • Your pick of two of the four amazing featured earrings for the quarter
  • Free shipping as usual with 10% off any of your other jewelry purchases too

Jade QEC is an easy choice at $47 a quarter.

What Happens Next

I've signed up...now what?

Once you join the Quarterly Earring Club you will be sent a welcome email with a link to a page with a short survey where you will indicate your jewelry preferences — what metals you prefer, colors and styles that you like and/or dislike and any additional comments you want to provide. Based on your responses, I will create the earrings for your first shipment and mail them out within 2 week

I've Got Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What dates will my card be charged and my earrings be shipped?

Your card will be charged approximately on February 1, May 1, August 1 and November 1. The earrings will be shipped out 1 – 2 weeks after that.

If I sign up mid-quarter, when will my first shipment be sent?

When you sign up, your card is charged immediately. The first shipment will be sent within 2 weeks. Depending on when you sign up, you will be given the choice of which regularly scheduled date you would like for your second shipment.

How do you tailor the earrings to my style?

When you sign up, you are sent a survey where you will indicate your preferences on metals, colors, styles, etc. I will use your responses when designing your earrings to match your style. The more detailed you are, the better I get to know your style. Of course, any feedback you provide will help me with subsequent designs.

Is there anything that could delay my first earring shipment?

I mentioned earlier that you fill out a survey about your preferences even if you are in Jade level. This will help me create styles that will please you and the other Jade members. The only thing that could push your first shipment of earrings longer than 2 weeks is the delay in answering the survey. I can’t properly create your earrings without knowing what you like. So please fill that out as soon as you can!

What if I don’t like a pair of earrings I receive?

It is my goal to make you earrings that you are going to love! However, if you really don’t like a pair, you can either give them away as a gift or return them to me, and I’ll exchange them for another pair of equal value.

Can I make a special request?

Absolutely! If you have a new outfit you want to accessorize, have something special you want to give as a present, want something seasonal or even see something in a magazine you have fallen in love with, just let me know ahead of time. If you are in the Ruby or Onyx level, that request will automatically ship to you as your part of your next shipment. If you are in Jade, I still would love to hear what you are needing and will do my best to create something for the featured options you can choose from.

How do I use my discount off other purchases?

Each quarter you will be sent a coupon code that will give you the discount based on your QEC level (10, 15 or 20%) that you can use in the online store. If you request additional jewelry to match your earrings, I will automatically apply it, or you can use it in person at a vendor fair. So many ways!!

How do I cancel my club membership?

There is no contract or time requirement to your membership (except for a gift subscription). Your club membership can be canceled at any time. Just email emily@styleavenuestudios.com or call me at 916-812-111

If I am giving the earrings as a gift, can I have a shipment sent to an alternative address?

Yes, of course. If the whole shipment is going to an alternate address, there is no charge. If you are splitting the shipment between two addresses, there will be a $3 shipping fee added for that quarter.

Can I purchase the club membership as a gift?

Yes! You can purchase a QEC membership for a year subscription. You can pay in full or break it up into quarters. This is the only time there is a year contract. The gift recipient receives all the QEC benefits of the membership level chosen.

Are there any shipping fees or taxes?

The QEC membership includes all shipping costs! Earrings shipped to California addresses will be charged an additional 8% CA State Tax.

(only exception is if you want to send earrings to an additional recipient. See gift giving question above).

Eek! I can’t wait any longer for my earrings!