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Below are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Quarterly Earring Club. If you have questions that are not listed below, please contact me.

What dates will my card be charged and my earrings be shipped?

Your card will be charged approximately on February 1, May 1, August 1 and November 1. The earrings will be shipped out 1 – 2 weeks after that.

If I sign up mid-quarter, when will my first shipment be sent?

When you sign up, your card is charged immediately. The first shipment will be sent within 2 weeks. Depending on when you sign up, you will be given the choice of which regularly scheduled date you would like for your second shipment.

How do you tailor the earrings to my style?

When you sign up, you are sent a survey where you will indicate your preferences on metals, colors, styles, etc. I will use your responses when designing your earrings to match your style. The more detailed you are, the better I get to know your style. Of course, any feedback you provide will help me with subsequent designs.

What if I don’t like a pair of earrings I receive?

It is my goal to make you earrings that you are going to love! However, if you really don’t like a pair, you can either give them away as a gift or return them to me, and I’ll exchange them for another pair of equal value.

Can I make a special request?

Absolutely! If you have a new outfit you want to accessorize, have something special you want to give as a present, want something seasonal or even see something in a magazine you have fallen in love with, just let me know ahead of time and I’ll include that in your next shipment.

How do I get 15% off other purchases?

Each quarter you will be sent a coupon code that will give you 15% off in my online store. Or if you see me at a vendor fair, just mention that you are a club member, and I’ll give you 15% off any purchase.

How do I cancel my club membership?

Your club membership can be canceled at any time. Just email emily@styleavenuestudios.com or call me at 916-812-1114.

If I am giving the earrings as a gift, can I have a shipment sent to an alternative address?

Yes, of course. If the whole shipment is going to an alternate address, there is no charge. If you are splitting the shipment between two addresses, there will be a $2.50 shipping fee added for that quarter.

Can I purchase the club membership as a gift?

Yes! Please provide both your email and the recipient’s email. You can then choose who receives the 15% bonus discount, you or them!

Are there any shipping fees or taxes?

The QEC membership includes shipping costs! Earrings shipped to California addresses will be charged an additional 8% CA State Tax.