[QEC] Featured Earrings : Nov 2014

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Hello Ladies!

Here is a brand new addition to the QEC! Before the quarter shipment I will post a variety of Featured Earrings. You can choose to have 1, all or none of your earrings be from the Featured Earrings selection. This giving you a chance to choose. If you like the choices, great! If you don’t, then no problem, your earrings will still be made to order!

What if you aren’t yet a member?! Click here for more information and the link to join the QEC!

The Winter 2014 quarter selection includes 5 pairs of earrings ranging from everyday wear to holiday themed.

quarterly earring club, Style Avenue Studios, handmade earrings,

See you soon!

Emily Wilke, Style Avenue Studios


Author: Emily Wilke

When I’m not creating beautiful jewelry — you can find me cuddling with my 2 kids and 2 cats, sneaking away for wine tasting with my hubby and I almost always have a coffee in hand.