Necklace length – what is the right length for you and your wardrobe?

necklace length

While jewelry shopping you have probably come across some terms for types of necklaces but were unaware of their meaning. Hopefully I can clear up some of them for you. Below are necklace length terms and some guidelines for each one. Keep in mind that the proper length for each type will vary based on your body.

A Choker is a 14-16 inch necklace that can fall above the collar bone or just below. Great for a strapless gown.

The Princess measures between 17-19 (generally 18″) and fits many people for many reasons. It is great for pearls, a y-shaped necklace to wear with V necks, a chunky piece for high necklines, and many more.

The Matinee is 20-24″. The importance with this length is that it should never fall below your bust line (cleavage). If you are a large busted lady it is important not to let your necklace get lost in your cleavage. Worn correctly it will enhance what you want to enhance! Great for low necklines, v necks, and turtlenecks.

An Opera length is 28-36″. The importance with this is not to let it fall right at your nipple line (the invisible line between your nipples). To determine the best length for you, draw that invisible line and use a fabric measuring tape to see what length that would be. Then add 2-4 inches. This depends how large busted you are. You never want to let the necklace hook your chest.

The Rope (or Lariat) length is basically anything longer than 36″. This length is made to wrap, loop, and knot to your heart’s content. Even weave it into a scarf. Great for high necklines.

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