5 Tips for Attending a Bridal Fair


Have you attended a Bridal Fair yet? If so, how many? Is your head reeling just thinking about it?

Well I have attended a few as a jewelry vendor and here is what I can see from the vendor point of view that can help you out!

1. Stickers. Bring stickers with your name, address, email address and phone number. Don’t be afraid to give them out to the vendors that you had a spark with. Let them follow up with you. It takes the stress off of you trying to contact them all.

2. Entourage! Bring a friend, a mom, or even your fiancé (if he is going to be helpful). You need the support and they can help you out by carrying all the stuff (brochures, flyers, business cards, goody bags, magazines, samples…etc) you are going to receive.

3. Pictures! Bring a picture of your dress, or any details or ideas you have planned so far.

4. More Stickers! Bring any kind of stickers you like (stars, happy faces, etc…) and while you are talking to a vendor you like, put a sticker on the flyer or business card they give you. That way when you go back through your stuff a week later, you will have something to remind you about who you had a connection with.

5. Homework! Aftewards, when the vendors do call and you have decided you don’t want their services, tell them. We only want to help you if you want our help. Telling the vendor that you have gone another direction or you are just not interested means they will stop contacting you. It will save YOU unnecessary and intruding phone calls and emails.

I hope these tips will save you some headaches!

Your Turn!

Do you have any tips you could add?

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Author: Emily Wilke

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  • The suggestion to bring stickers and mark the vendors you want to remember after the event is a great one–for all sorts of conventions and fairs, not just bridal fairs. I’m definitely stealing that idea for the next time I attend a business event.

  • My absolute best tip: Make a separate wedding email account! You will be emailed so much (my wedding acct gets 3 times as many emails as my regular one) that you’ll hate to clog your inbox. And a fresh email will make the planning feel special.
    Also: sign up for everything! I’ve gotten quite a few prizes (averaging 1/bridal fair) just for putting my name in.

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