How to avoid sacrificing your perfect wedding vision

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Even if it is still a year away, your wedding date is fast approaching. You have a ton on your plate and even more ideas floating around in your head. How are you going to get to the finish line with every detail and every idea out on display to create your perfect wedding day?

The piece you could be missing is creating actionable steps! For every project or goal you have in mind, you need to break them down into tiny steps that are bite size, easy to do and easy to check off your list. Looking at a to-do list that reads “create vintage decor”, or “make peacock themed decorations” would be a little daunting. Instead, make those your headlines and then create bullet points for tasks you tackle one at at time. You may find you can even divide some of those into even smaller tasks.

Starting your planning process with action steps is the quickest way to make sure every last detail and element you planned on making, buying, or delegating doesn’t get left off because you ran out of time. It also makes delegating to bridesmaids, family or the groom  easier since you can give them a very specific, detailed task. What a relief, huh!!??

This blog was so greatly inspired by my business coach, Mary Cravets. If you or someone you know is struggling or want to grow their business, be sure to talk to her!

What is your big project or goal for your wedding that action steps will help you complete? Leave me a comment below! 

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