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This post is the beginning of a series on wardrobes and how to accessorize them!

Let’s start at the beginning… For the past three years I have been either pregnant, post partum or breastfeeding, and with that my wardrobe has diminished to the point where my husband has more clothes than I do!! Plus, what I do have left is either totally out of date or no longer fits my “new” body. So instead of waiting for the baby weight to disappear I have chosen to look and feel better NOW!

To do this I will be updating my wardrobe with staples that are missing and adding a few trendy pieces that fit my style and colors. Then I will make jewelry to fit in with my new wardrobe. I will share my closet makeover with you and how you can add jewelry pieces that are versatile giving your wardrobe some added “umph”.

Colors For Your Skin Tone

I looked at my closet and noticed that I gravitated to the same few colors and thought that I needed to branch out and try some new ones. However, after doing to research I learned that people have color stories that they look amazing in! It turns out that I gravitate to the ones that look best on me. Woo Hoo!

So I want to help you find your best color story so you can make shopping and accessorizing easier and make you look amazingly put together all the time!!


Cool undertones: appear pink, blue or purple and your veins look blueish

Warm undertones: appear yellow and your veins appear greenish


Clear: High contrast between hair, skin and eyes with slightly translucent skin

Muted: less contrast with softer ash tones


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For more indepth on the colors and why visit:

The Art Of Style or Beauty and Bedlam

These are the two best sources I found for color explanations! Please come back and tell me what you are!

*I am a Winter…







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